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Meet Our Executive Director & Associate Program Director who serve from their heart—everyday!

Upon meeting Vicki Doeringer, Founder & CEO of In His Image New Life Christian Stables, Inc., you will immediately sense her undeniable and unwavering servant heart. Through her non-profit, founded in 2005, she serves children ages 2 to 17, Young Adults, and Veterans through her individualized programs.

Born in Etna, Ohio, Vicki grew up in a military family and at age 24 she followed her Father’s footsteps and enlisted in the Air Force. She served for 6 years as a Medical Service Specialist, stationed at Wright-Patterson and Rickenbacker. Vicki re-entered civilian life and worked at a Family Practice, Mid-Ohio Pediatrics and Rainbow Pediatrics, for a collective 17 years. Vicki’s face lights up when she talks about children, taking care of children, and loving children.  “Each and every child, who God chose before he formed them in the womb, was created for a unique purpose and In His Image.  I believe that every child deserves to be heard, understood, and accepted, and to know they are loved and belong.”

The programs at In His Image include an Equine Program, a Music Program, and a Reading Program.  Through the programs, amazing transformations take place.  Not only cognitive skills such as hand-eye coordination, brain development and increased reading ability are achieved; but emotional transformations, such as heightened communication skills, self-confidence and self-esteem become prevalent.  “When we help the child, we help the family!”

Vicki Doeringer, Executive Director

Vicki’s vision to build a 2,900 square foot Indoor Arena adjacent to the barns, already equipped to board 5 horses, is her next project.  The Arena will allow the ministry to continue to serve children, families, and Veterans, year-round in an indoor heated facility.  Vicki possesses intuitive listening skills, identifies the needs of others, and develops individualized programs for anyone who desires to benefit from her ministry. The horses become the conduit to open communication and allow children to overcome challenges through learning horsemanship skills, as well as through caring for the horses. 

The child’s new confidence carries over to their day-to-day life at home and at school. 

“I am privileged to witness the life-changing transformations.”

Every family is welcome at In His Image and they are not charged for the services, support and encouragement received. The typical family travels to the farm/stables for 4 years.  When an individual, family or business provides a monetary contribution, they are ensuring that every family has an opportunity to receive the services they need, regardless of their ability to pay. The non-profit is operated by Vicki and her daughter, Rebecca Doeringer.  Rebecca is a Horse Trainer and Groomer and exemplifies the power of the Equine Program, as she has Asperger Syndrome, which falls within the Autism spectrum.  Neither Vicki, nor Rebecca, pay themselves a salary, as they serve from the heart!

From the age of 10, Vicki accepted ‘her calling’ to serve children, as she began volunteering and serving in the Church Nursery, Toddler Room and Sunday School.  Her compassion for others is extended without judgement or question.  She spearheaded fundraising campaigns for 13 years for the American Cancer Society. Vicki volunteered as a support group leader for 4 years at the National Alopecia Areata Foundation. Her love for children extends beyond the U.S., as she sponsors 2 children through Ambassadors to The Nations.  Collectively, she is a 9-year member of the American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary.

Vicki Doeringer views her non-profit ministry as a gift from God, but Vicki is the gift to every child, family, and Veteran she serves.  Her unwavering faith, love, and compassion for placing others first is the vision she carries out through her mission to serve In His Image, each and every day!

Rebecca Doeringer, Associate Program Director

When you are introduced to Rebecca Doeringer, you will quickly sense her caring, accepting and nonjudgmental nature. She will put you as ease as she shares lifelong stories of her love for horses. Born in New Albany, Ohio, Rebecca moved to Croton, Ohio at the age of 13.  Her families’ relocation to Croton was an amazing blessing, as it enabled Rebecca’s abilities and talents to be unleashed and to come to light through In His Image New Life Christian Stables, where she currently serves as the Associate Program Director & Barn Manager.

Rebecca’s initial riding experience was at age 6, when she was introduced to a Quarter Pony, named Mozart. “My life changed when I met Mozart. I have always been drawn to horses, as far back as I can remember.  The wallpaper in my bedroom had images of ‘The Pony Express’ and I still remember pointing, staring and gazing at the horses.”

Upon graduating with Honors from Harvest Preparatory High School, Rebecca attended Valor Christian College; although, she found her true calling and passion while working with horses and volunteering at Rail Fence Farm and Life One on One.  Throughout her volunteer experience she side-walked, groomed, feed, and mastered her horsemanship skills.  For 24 years, Rebecca has been caring for horses, grooming horses, and riding horses.  She is well-versed in riding styles and is proficient riding Dressage, Bareback, Western, and English.  To say that Rebecca ‘knows horses’ is a bit of an understatement.  She completely understands their behavior and how to communicate with them. “Each horse that comes to our stables was raised differently, so their temperament is unique, and I can relate to them. I respect them, and they respect me!”

Rebecca was unable to speak or communicate effectively as a toddler and was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in elementary school.  Through her journey of accepting the Love of Christ, absorbing the strength, determination and encouragement from her Mother, Vicki Doeringer, and embracing her connection with horses, Rebecca is an articulate young lady, as well as an accomplished rider and professional equine trainer.  Every time Rebecca ‘showed’ a horse, she won a ribbon—including multiple ribbons from the Grand Circuit Classic Horse Show held in Hilliard, Ohio, SPHO of Ohio, and The Licking County Ohio Horseman’s Council Horse Shows held in Granville, Ohio.

Because of her journey and story, Rebecca is a role model for children who participate in the programs at In His Image. “I am grateful for the opportunity to work with one child at a time and share the Love of Christ with them through our ministry. We welcome groups such as, Homeschooled Students, Girl Scouts, Easter Seals and Veterans, who enjoy coming to the stables. We are fulfilled when we see individuals, families or groups leave with uplifted spirts because of the emotional support and encouragement received through our programs.” Rebecca is an inspiration to children who realize, they too, can overcome challenges, peer pressure, or anxiety.  Parents respect her ability to effect change in their children–by helping them face adversity–through her caring, kind, loving and patient demeanor.

When Rebecca is not emersed in her duties and responsibilities of ministry through In His Image, she loves photography and attending Faith Life Church.  Rebecca is the perfect example of someone who has been able to overcome life’s challenges, by demonstrating to all of us–that miracles are possible–if you have Faith and never give up!

Please be sure to check out Rebecca’s story “Living Her Dream” by Anna Jeffries

What Families Are Saying…

“I have known Vicki Doeringer for 25 years or more. She has a deep love and gift for working with children. My own daughters were part of her program after the sudden death of their uncle, and she was wonderful with them. She has great knowledge of horses and how to train them to help build self-confidence, trust, lessen separation anxiety and transform the minds and lives of the children so they can live healed and whole. “

“My granddaughter began in the program developed by Vicki Doeringer and her daughter Rebecca for several years beginning when she was just shy of 3 years old. Their program extended beyond the basics of horse care to focus on my granddaughters intellectual, developmental, physical, and moral person too. My granddaughter’s program was tailored specifically for her. “

“I met Vicki and Rebecca in 2006. In His Image New Life Christian Stables has helped countless numbers of students, both with horses and in the community in general. Vicki continues to bless me and many others around with her kind heart. Her integrity is of the highest and her work ethic cannot be matched!”

“What a wonderful world this would be if everyone were as nice as you. Thank-you.”

“I cannot begin to thank you guys enough for your help and loving support. It really takes a special person to care and provide like you guys did for us. Sometimes God answers our prayers through special people like you.”

“Thank-you for letting the Lord use you to bless others. Keep on shining your little light! The world needs more people like you.”

In His Image New Life Christian Stables, Inc. is a non profit 501(C)3 non denominational organization. We are thankful for every individual, family, and every business that supports the programs and services we offer by volunteering, donating their products or services, and for their monetary contributions.

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